Today's high-resolution audio files deliver quality that approaches that of master recordings by incorporating an enormous amount of data. With the debut of network audio, consumers quickly have become familiar with the immersive experience made possible by that level of quality. Introducing fidata, a family of network audio components that lives up to the meaning of its name: "reliability."
An audio server engineered for use in high-end systems.

The fidata HFAS1 is a network audio server that was engineered so that you can enjoy high-end audio. You can see evidence of our meticulous, iterative approach from the materials chosen for the chassis to the design of the unit's circuit board and its individual components. This product is the cumulative result of numerous prototypes and countless trial listening sessions.

The result is an exceptional level of audio quality that befits the unit's high-end name, packaged in an impressive chassis from which every hint of waste has been pared.

PCM output

The HFAS1 can output 16-bit/24-bit and 32-bit float/integer PCM data at a maximum sampling rate of 384 kHz, enabling it to output WAV, AIFF, FLAC, and M4A (Apple Lossless) audio data without degradation.

*Playback performance depends on the USB DAC used.

DSD output

The HFAS1 supports native DSD output using DoP (DSD Audio over PCM Frames), allowing it to generate 2.8 MHz, 5.6 MHz, and 11.2 MHz DSD output. 

This capability allows the unit to output DSD audio data (in both DSF and DFF formats) without degradation.

*Playback performance depends on the USB DAC used.

On-device playlists

In OpenHome mode, on-device playlist support allows playlists to be saved on the HFAS1. 

Even if the controller app is exited during playback, the HFAS1 will continue playback based on the playlist.