Niko1300 is a truly “over-designed” amplifier performing in any musical and sonic conditions with an unprecedent dynamic, resolution and power management up to 2600Wrms for the mono version and 1100Wrms for the stereo version. A unique high-end power amplifier capable to drive the most demanding and challenging loudspeakers on the market keeping a superb sonic performance.

Its over-sized impressive mechanical chassis and heat sinks, machined from a 22 Kgs solid billet of 6060 aluminum alloy, allow a perfect thermal stability and cooling efficiency at all powers even under extreme use.

Niko 1300 is using exclusively selected first grade components and completely hand-made under the supervision of the design team to guarantee uncompromised quality construction and unique details.

The superb design brings the essence of the “Made in Italy” into an audio equipment to become a real piece of Technological Art in the high-end audio space.


Completely made from aluminum alloy plates with thick ranging from 10/20 mm. The cylinder bank capacitors was enclosed with a cylinder head of aluminum and equipped for each capacitor of rubber rings to eliminate and transmit qualsaisi type of residual vibration.

The radiating surfaces with development of oversized cooling, the elements that compose it were
reassured with belts and rings rubber insulation that cancel any kind of resonance and vibration.

Handles front panels and rear handle made of aluminum material facilitate and guarantee a secure grip for the transport of the amplifier.

All work for the realization of schassis are made with absolute precision of CNC machining centers.


Specifically amplifiers NIKO were also integrated by a microprocessor which increases the effectiveness of measurement and the precision of intervention.

The protection circuit constantly monitors the output current of the power output by comparing it with the load impedance.

It intervenes in the case in which the output current were to increase for several reasons.

With this method you can use amplifiers NIKO with impedance loads next to short circuit without a hint to failure.

Qusi reasons for imposing the power amplifier should be treated appropriately and its management is entrusted to this circuit.

To ensure a constant output current always high and clean we adopted oversized transformers.
Fitted with two toroidal transformers 1000VA each, they were resinated in a housing of non-magnetic re-isolating the whole with a casing of aluminum from 3mm thick to eliminate the possible vibrations and protection of sensitive circuits of amplification. 

The aluminum housing also acts as a heat sink for the rectifier diodes, in this case two, one for the branch, at the height of handle forward currents of over 550A each. In this case an area of than 80cm square dissipates radiant optimally and escape any kind of problem.

The temperature of the end devices is handled by a circuit which always ensures correct operation even in the event of excessive thermal stress.

The circuit is activated when the temperature on the heatsinks reaches the threshold of 75 c. and it makes sure to keep it stable within a tolerance of 10% by means of micro-variations of the polarization of the final stages. The two Leds on the front panel ranging from blue to yellow indicates the intervention of protection circuit.

An additional protection circuit contains in a single circuit 3 different functions. detects DC currents present on end devices, blocking the exits and disconnecting the connected load. in this regard, the task is entrusted to 2 relay 30A with more than 500,000 cycles of contact.

It is not a simple DC dector but a more complex system of protection could sense the slightest change in voltage output.

Even in case of prolonged clipping circuit intervenes. The inputs are equipped with balanced XLR and single-ended RCA.


Power at 1Khz (4Ohm min)
350W @ 8Ohm
670W @ 4Ohm
1100W @ 2Ohm
Frequency Response
10HZ-90KHz @ -3db
Input impedance
XLR 50kOhm RCA 25KOhm
Operating temperature
0°C to 40°C at 90% relative humidity (non- condensing)
AC Line Voltage and Frequency
100-130V @ 50Hz 220-260V @ 60Hz
70Kg Net