“Networking connection is one the important path for the CAS streaming system. The switch is like the kind of the gatekeeper. Every data go through with it to your main system. The quality of the switch is affecting the performance of the sound with no doubt. The SG112-24 MOD is the CISCO based fast, reliable switch developed for audiophile with the Volent Audio reliable networking solutions that provide plug-and-play connectivity.”

The ultra low noise OCXO master clock module provided the better jitter reduction. It also the key to sync the clock to all chips in the switch. 

DC input ready for the high performance regulated linear power supply to get the pure clean power. Everything is about the noise. Better power source, low noise master clock are improving everything with no doubt.

Product Highlights

Low noise regulated OCXO module
24 x Gigabit Ethernet Ports
2 x Combo mini-GBIC Slots
802.3/3u/3ab/3z/3x Network Standards
48 Gbps Switching Capacity
35.7 mpps Forwarding Capacity
9216 bytes Jumbo Frame
Desktop or Rack Mountable
128MB RAM / 128MB Flash Memory