This new power amplifier from Holton Audio offers very high performance audio. Measuring only 300mm wide x 200mm deep x 180mm high. This new power amplifier has an entire power stereo amplifier on a single PCB.

On this board it has two amplifier channels, 400VA linear power supply and AC mains power controller with inrush current limiting and loudspeaker protection.

XLR balanced inputs come as standard on all models with the option of using RCA  inputs with optional XLR to RCA adapter. The chassis is made from all aluminum case with a 10mm thick fully machined and anodized front panel.

  •     Power Output 2 x 120 watts into 8 Ohms and 2 x 200 Watts 4 Ohms
  •     Class A/B
  •     Fully Balanced Circuit Topology
  •     2 Ohm Stable
  •     XLR balanced inputs with the option of RCA inputs.
  •     Great sounding circuit topology that Holton amplifiers are known for.
  •     80,000uf of DC supply filtering in the standard model
  •     Bridgeable into a high power mono block amplifier.
  •     On board AC power controller with Inrush current limiting soft start.
  •     Lightning fast loudspeaker protection.
  •     Super quiet turn on and turn off.
  •     12 volt trigger remote power on/off option.
  •     Precision full aluminum chassis with CNC milled AL front panel.

-120 Watts RMS continuous sine wave into 8 Ω
-200 Watts RMS continuous sine wave into 4 Ω
-2 Ω Stable
-Frequency Response 3.5hz to 300khz -3dB
-Dampening Factor At 100hz 8Ω = 800
-RCA Single ended Input impedance 20kΩ
-XLR Balanced Input Impedance 40kΩ
-SNR -110dB
-THD-N = 0.005% @ 100 watts 8 Ohms

Price: $3200.00AUD