The all new Miyajima-Lab INFINITY MONO cartridge is much bigger and heavier than the ordinary mono cartridges (W 24.0 mm x D 28.6 mm) and it’s wired the same as the stereo siblings. Infinity Mono was designed to pursue the purest music reproduction at unprecedented low volume. 

About stylus size of INFINITY MONO

0.7mil is suitable for reissue monaural LP and a monaural LP of after 1960.
1.0mil is suitable for the monaural LP of a deep groove of the first press of the 1950s.
However, both styli can trace the monaural LP of all generations without a problem.
When you listen to the monaural LP of all generations, we recommend 0.7mil.
When you listen to a monaural LP of the first press of the 1950s mainly, we recommend 1.0mil.