"It needs more than infinite passion, highest technical knowledge and capital, to build the finest audiophile loudspeakers, as each of them must be a unique masterpiece: a crown of sound. Merging the world famous Italian design with German high-end audio engineering enabled us to create an acoustic piece of art, which will lead you to completely new audiophile spheres. Our mission is to give you a product, which will meet your highest requirements in technology and lifestyle."


The Electronics have been developed and produced in Germany by the 2 finest High-End Audio Engineering companies in their respective fields. The development has been performed in very close cooperation with us, and the results are rated as overwhelmingly good. Drivers of our CAESAR speakers are coming from Germany’s famous company ACCUTON, and the crossovers are from MUNDORF. Both companies are big names in the audiophile world, and it was a logical step for us, to have chosen them as our partners for a long term cooperation.


Our partner MEDEA from Italy has been founded in 1905, and since then has gained an undisputed fantastic reputation for highest quality woodwork. Their wisdom to understand and interpret a noble material such as wood, is paired with most modern production reality. They know the most remote secrets of the art of building, carving, polishing, lacquering and padding, hence being able to delight the world with their products of style and elegance. Be it for upscale residential projects, as well as for luxury hotels, yachts and private jets. Our close cooperation with MEDEA has resulted in speaker cabinets, which puts customers in enthusiasm.


We are proud of our team of finest German and Italian engineers, technicians and master craftsmen, who are not only responsible for bringing all components together. They also have to be extremely innovative, to develop and produce metal parts for fixing the electronics into the wooden cabinets. Their experience in equipping Italian hundred-million-dollar yachts qualified them, to assemble our loudspeakers to high-end products, which brings incomparable good sound experiences to our customers.