Opera Only Power One power amplifier by Andrea Pivetta retains all sophisticated technology from the "bigger brother", but comes at in a smaller size. "Powerone differs from all other audio amplifiers. It uses a four step power supply that guarantees a performance never seen before. It is unique for its incredible reserve of power, its simplicity and ease way of impulse handling."

Specifications for: 2x 500 or 1 x 1000 Watt RMS AT 8 Ohm Class A / B (250 class a)

The structure is made of aeronautical aluminium. 
Input Input 115 / 230 v 50/60 Hz 20 amp (115 v)
4 Triple Insulation Transformers 500 Watts
8 Diodes 600 v / 36 a
Distortion: THD + n 0,002 %
Speaker Impedance: up to 0,1 ohms
Frequency range: 20-20.000 Hz. 
Dimensions: (Whd) 60 x 98 x 27 cm (23,6 x 38,6 " x 10,6 ") Weight 108 kg (238 lb).

Powerone is Available in 2 different versions of performance, made only by order. Designed and built personally by Andrea Pivetta.