↑Optical cartridge with vibration system assembled. After this, perform internal wiring and perform adjustment work

Few insight of the production of the DS Audio 's optical cartridges. DS Audio 's optical cartridges are all manufactured within Digital Stream Corporation of Sagamihara City.

Among manufacturers that have only checked 2 or 3 items, the quality control of optical cartridges is very strict [testing with test record as many as 17 items → test listening test + aging → 17 items test again before shipment ] And only cartridges that have cleared a lot of tests will be shipped.

↑We adjust carefully one by one 

↑For the angle adjustment of the needle tip, make a special jig and assemble it while confirming that there is no displacement of the angle

↑Test of 17 items Checksheet If one can not be cleared, it will be reworked.

↑We also do inking in cartridges.

Originally initially DS Audio did not have experience assembling cartridges, so we felt trying to find quality control methods and made improvements.

As a result, I think that we are building a very high quality control system that is not currently available to other companies.