"The Falcon Reference Series represents a quantum leap in the use of new innovative technology for loudspeakers and is designed for the true audiophile. A no-compromise approach to quality and engineering was taken throughout the development programme."

"Falcon’s involvement in cone material development goes back decades, and it was clear to us that the incorporation of Graphene into loudspeaker cone material could give major improvements in driver response times, enabling the use of significantly lighter cones with greater rigidity and inherently better damping.

The result of this research is the Falcon Sonaweave™ Graphene Enhanced Nano-Platelet Cone, seen for the first time in the bass units of the Falcon GC6500R Reference. The cone is 60% lighter and thinner than conventional cones, significantly improved rigidity and improved damping compared to other conventional or composite cones, and a well controlled roll-off. The bass attack and recovery that these properties confer is apparent from the start.

Next we looked at the 2” dome horn-loaded midrange , and after extensive computerised modelling we selected an inverse Hypocycloid profile for the wave-guide with superb acoustic properties. We also re-engineer the unit in-house to give a significantly smoother response whilst reducing the already low distortion by a measured factor of -40%.

The ribbon tweeter is especially modified by Falcon to give an outstandingly smooth response, the precision engineered front plate is a major contribution in this.

Internally, the 3.2mm Laminated FR4 gold plated double side 2oz. copper tracking PCB, precision wound close tolerance Air Core Inductors, and Polypropylene Capacitors throughout mean a crossover with the best possible components throughout. Finally all internal wiring is run in 2.5mm TPE Insulation wire for maximum sonic accuracy.

The elegant cabinet is hand made in laminated 25mm MDF with an extra 9mm of damping throughout. in probably the best cabinet production facility in Italy. The 38mm Alcantara® covered front board is computer profiled for minimal diffraction. Internally, chamfered drive unit apertures reduces driver compression. The 18mm reinforced rear panel, Falcon profiled heat sinks and precision tooled back plate, together with finishes available of solid high gloss solid colours or a selection of contemporary veneers, a smoked glass top and metal work all made from precision ground MIC6 Top Grade 

Aluminium Cast Tool Plate by F1 ultra-precision engineers complete one of the finest cabinets available today."