Stereo 3 is a high end active, floorstanding loudspeaker that gives you the oportunity to reveal all the details and dynamics from any music recording. Cabinet shape, sound dispersion and in-room bass performance are optimized for a high definition and low distortion sound in real listening rooms.

Point source for excellent sound radiation

This 3-way active loudspeaker is designed around a coaxial mid/highrange, front radiating 165 mm neodymium transducer that delivers a coherent sound dispersion over a frequency range of seven octaves. The Stereo 3 point source design translates into a extremely well defined soundstage, bringing you a real and ‘live’ sound reproduction.

Sealed box design and optimized bass room performance

The cabinet is completed with two, side firing, 200 mm long stroke bass drivers mounted in a back-to-back configuration to cancel out cabinet vibrations at high sound pressure levels. Room performance has been taken into account during the design stage and bass drivers are set near to the floor (in a sealed chamber) to exploit room boundary conditions. In this way, the Stereo 3 delivers a powerful and controlled bass response inside real listening rooms.

400 W amplification: dynamic sound with low distortion

Stereo 3 is an active loudspeaker with an internal total power amplification of 400 W. The built in, class D, amplifiers deliver a dynamic and distortion-free soundstage at any sound pressure level. And at the same time, class D efficiency keeps energy consumption very low (17 W/hour, idle and below 85 dBSPL/1m).

An active design for a compact size and less cables

Despite its moderate size (195 mm width), the Stereo 3 delivers an extremely dynamic sound over the entire spectrum and without the need of external huge power amplifiers. A balanced audio input connector (analog or digital versions available) allows for a direct interconnection with high quality preamplifiers and digital-to-analog convertors, reducing system cable needs to a minimum.

Premium, handcrafted manufacturing with custom options

Stereo 3 loudspeakers are designed and manufactured entirely by Sottovoce Audio in Valencia, Spain. Cabinets are built using CNC technology, for a high precision manufacturing, and are finished and assembled by experienced hands. Available standard colours comprise white or black with matte finishes but custom finishes are also available upon request. Each loudspeaker is delivered inside a flight case with an extended 5-year warranty period for registered customers.

Technical specifications:

3 way, closed box

Drive units:
Mid & high: 165 mm coaxial, neodymium magnet
Low: 2 x 200 mm long stroke, fiber glass cone

Frequency range:
33 Hz – 20 kHz @ -6 dB (2Π rad.)

Frequency response:
47 Hz – 19 kHz @ ±3 dB (from axis reference)

110 Hz (active, 4th order), 3 kHz (passive, 4th order)

85 dBSPL / 1 m @ -16,5 dBu = -30 dBFS input (1 kHz, sine wave)

Maximum input level:
13,5 dBu = 0 dBFS (1 kHz sine wave)

Maximum output:
115 dBSPL @ 1 m (1 kHz sine wave)
109 dBSPL @ 1 m (pink noise)

Harmonic distortion:
<1 -="" 1="" 20="" 85="" dbspl="" hz="" khz="" m="" p="">

Power amplifier:
400 W @ 1% THD+N, class D

Audio connectors:
Input (XLR female): analog or digital (factory set)
Link (XLR male): digital thru (factory set)

Mains connector:
IEC C14 (115 or 230 VAC @ 50 Hz, factory set)

Power consumption:
17 W (idle and below 85 dBSPL / 1 m)

1050 x 195 x 517 mm (H x W x D)

35 kg (each, net), 52 kg (each, with flight case)

White: matte white lacquer, white colour horn
Black: black wood veneer, bronze colour horn
Custom finishes: upon request

Analog input, 230 V (A-230)
Digital input, 230 V (D-230)
Analog input, 115 V (A-115)
Digital input, 115 V (D-115)

Our new home audio floorstanding loudspeaker is suited to the critical listener. The minimalist design and active conception make the Stereo 3 perfect for medium sized rooms where aesthetics and sound performance are both essential.