Very first made in US on RCA-Victor LSC 2436 Living Stereo Shaded Dog LP. Respighi: Pines of Rome, Fountains of Rome. Reiner, Chicago Symphony Orchestra. Produced by Richard Mohr, and Recorded in October 24, 1959 by Lewis Layton in Orchestra Hall, Chicago, Pines of Rome in its original 1S/1S (the first stamper) was pressed at RCA Indianapolis plant and it was released without dynamic/frequency limiting. John Pfeiffer said that almost every single copy of that first issue was returned to RCA by angry consumers, who simply couldn’t play it (their turntables tonearms needles would literally jump out of the grooves), which is why the 1S/1S is so rare. 

The tape was immediately remastered and by the second stamper the usual dynamic/frequency limitation had been applied. Listen here that superb recording: - Saulo Zucchello