A sparkling observation from Kavi Alexander (Water Lily Acoustics)... “The average LP release will have a 40 to 45 db dymanic range, with even less channel speration. The best a phono cartridge can manage, is 30 to 35 db seperation and that too, only in the midband. Moving coil cartridges, unless high compliance ones, such as the Highphonics and some Denon MCs, are unable to track grooves with wide dynamnic range. A case in point is the cannon shot on the Telarc recording of the 1812 overture. Aside from the fact that analog tape will compress, if hit hard and compression is rutinely used while mastering, speakers further dynamically compress the signal.”

“Perhaps this why people like horn based speakers, as they compress the least and the wave launch of compression drivers adds to the total effect, creating a sound that is alive and dynamic. The best analog recorders can achieve around 75 to 78 db dynamic range, without any noise reduction and have a sepperation just over 50 db. Anyone who has experimented with dual mono preamps, knows the advantages of the greater sound stage width etc that become apparent, with this approach and the benefits thereof, in terms of the perceived spacetial aspects. The ritualistic aspects of playing LPs, involving as well, the visual and tractile, tend focus the mind on and the matter at hand, which in turn enhances the listening experience. If it moves you, go with the flow... It is all a romance...”