“The two-way, Weizhi Precison $14.000 bass-reflection JC-0603 speakers are housed in the 20mm-thick boxes built with the finest Swiss-made Extra Super Duralumin – something that is often seen in military and aerospace crafts. The carefully crafted speakers are consisted of polished precision components cut with CNC, and are put together by experienced, master technicians by hand.”

The only drawback of these speakers is their high cost, due to the fact that they utilize the expensive Extra Super Duralumin which requires lengthier processing and advanced production technologies. The strength, however, is that the material has an optimal rigidity-to-weight ratio; in other words, high rigidity is achieved with relatively less weight, resulting in less vibrations from the speakers themselves during output and making this material perfect for building speaker boxes. The material makes the speakers more durable, lighter, more rigid, and more resilient, effectively eliminates any vibration within the boxes, allows better heat ventilation, cools down the coil module more effectively, and in turn maintains low distortion and musical details while more acoustic volume and width are achieved. This is why the JC-0603 speakers provide a more precise musical performance, improve the consistency through out the frequencies, and generate a sound that is more natural and without emphasis for certain frequencies.

Every single component inside the speakers is carefully selected and matched with precision. These speaker utilize the new, improved crossover jointly developed by the reputable MCap from Germany, capacitors by MCap, coils made of premium OFC wire, audiophile-level wires by VDH from the Netherlands, and ultra-low resistance WBT terminals from Germany.

The tweeters utilize the AMT (Air Motion Transformer) technology which generates sound through a unique stream of air that allows highly efficient and low-distortion sound reproduction, and its dynamics are better than speakers utilizing the traditional back-and-forth aluminum belt, giving these tweeters a brilliant performance. The low-distortion 5¼" mid-low range units and the 8" subwoofers are custom made by the famous Scan-Speak in Denmark based on the special design and carefully installed by the manufacturer, and the result is excellent low-frequency extension, frequency response, and dynamics. The JC-0603 reference-grade bookshelf speakers capable of “faithful reproduction and ultimate fidelity” are the result of their engineers’ testing and adjustments followed by countless sessions of listening and tuning.