Auguste Franchomme (1808-1884) was an intimate friend of Chopin and a teacher at the Paris Conservatory, was in that days one of the best exponents of the Paris cello school. He played Duport’s famous Stradivari cello, the model for all later instruments. His caprices are still used by teachers today, and his variations on Russian and Scotland themas, make the listener imagine oneself in a Paris salon of the 1840’s. In this record, also recordings from: Bernhard Romberg, Justus J.F. Dotzauer, Robert Lindley and Adrien François Servais. The virtuoso pieces presented in this record have no special depth of musical thought. 

Importance is attached to all the possibilities of the instrument and the technique of its player. Anner Bylsma, plays the Strad Servais 1701 Cello from the Smithsonian Society. The record was made in Germany on MPS-BASF LP 25 208915-0, 33rpm, 12 inch LP. - Saulo Zucchello