The company bases upon the mature technologies and experience of our expert engineers like Dr. Bruce Edgar and Mr. Sam Saye. Utilizing advanced modern design tools, we further verify, improve and enhance the original designs and combine the powerful manufacturing ability of China and conventional crafts. With new technologies, new materials and new designs, we develop Hi-end products with both exterior and interior decency.

As a sole-invested subsidiary of ESD ACOUSTIC LLC, ESD ACOUSTIC (Hangzhou) ltd. was founded in Hangzhou, China in 2017. The four founders gave its Chinese name as “Hermit” based upon audiophiles’ common pursuit of self-cultivation and spiritual peacefulness.

Focusing on technology innovation

Our all-horn system comprised of unprecedented carbon fiber round horns and field coil drivers has breached the shackles of conventional technologies and materials, bringing unrivaled high fidelity listening experience to our customers.

Innovative electronics including our Class-A amplifiers are installed in crates applying China’s traditional mortise and tenon joint structure. While efficiently reducing the vibrations, this design has also transformed the cold metallic outlook into home friendly art pieces, revealing audiophiles’ aesthetic tastes.

Having an ESD Horns system in your home is like having a perfect concert hall. The exceedingly high sensitivity and around 85% of direct sound proportion of our horn systems, while faithfully replaying the music, will greatly lower the requirement of your room Acoustic design. You will also discover that you don’t have to sit alone in the only “sweet spot” any more, because most area in your room will become “sweet zone”. You will be able to attend “live concert” with all your family and friends, thus balancing musical enjoyment and family life.

Based upon concept, focused on innovation and devoted to ideal, ESD Acoustic’s ultimate pursuit is to provide you with extreme listening experience.


Titanic yet transient, E20 is the first of its kind. Its unique design guarantees response down to 20Hz whilst creating least distortion and time delay. The sub-woofer horn is composed of three parts, each of which can pass through standard doors.

Material: carbon fiber
Frequency Range: 17-140Hz
Throat Diameter: 160mm
Mouth Diameter: 1290mm
Height: 2050mm
Total Length: 2850mm
RMB  598,000/Pair


E100 is designed for the mid-bass when grouped with a sub-woofer. It is more focused on the mid-bass and perform exceedingly well. 
This horn maximizes the advantages of horns across the whole audible bandwidth.

Material: carbon fiber
Frequency Range: 100-800Hz
Throat Diameter: 127mm
Mouth Diameter: 550mm
Total Length: 830mm
RMB  188,000/Pair


The first type of carbon fiber horn ESD Acoustic developed, E500 is fascinating. Coupled with our unique phase plug, this horn covers a wide bandwidth from 250 Hz all the way up to 8 kHz. It replays incredible vocals where the slightest breath is caught.

Material: carbon fiber
Frequency Range: 250-8000Hz
Throat Diameter: 60mm
Mouth Diameter: 430mm
Total Length: 385mm
RMB  88,000/Pair