The new Hornsolutions DSP active 5 way X-over with live measurement option. Now available at their shop. 

Around 15 years we where working with traditional passive crossovers, based on capacitors and coils. So we know how to build a perfect crossover. But caused by the switch to the big Exponential Horns and the upcoming problems with the time correction and wrong Phase we decided to try another Way. The active X-over entered our private listening room. After a few years of a trial and error search for the perfect crossover, we found the one of our partner WAF Audio. Based on their mainboard we've designed the Hornsolutions X-over. By changing the Amps,  AD/DA Converters, USB Interface and the analog Power Supply we finally reached our goal. The perfect matching crossover.

This activ Crossover is a multipurpose stereo applications electronic board, designed to sit at the heart of the custumer's Sound System, between Sources and Amplifiers. It indeed is both, a Multi-Way DSP filtering Processor and also a complete interfacing solution, providing the same comfort use You would expect from modern integrated Systems. But now as a one Box Solution.