Stefano Jelo returns with very interesting new products. SISTEMA MONOLITH M1 is new stereo amplifier with integrated proprietary D / A conversion system...

"MONOLITH system M1 is a device with internal stereo circuitry that, simply connected to the speakers, is able to reproduce the sound of your digital source (computer, phone, tablet, etc.) with a fidelity and purity that will leave you incredulous, giving back to your you sonic impact that you simply never heard before."

Technical specifications
  • Power 2x45 Watt RMS
  • USB input with type A connector or, on request, RJ45 wireless / Ethernet input
  • external power supply via AC / DC transformer from 12 to 24 Volts (not supplied)
  • PCM conversion up to 384 kHz native and DSD up to 2.8224 MHz
  • isostatic graphite chassis (2 cm thick per side)
  • on request anti-fingerprint treatment for the graphite chassis
  • custom connectors (preferably the unfinished cable is sent in)
Price: € 3600.00