2018 marks the 35th anniversary for Sonus faber who welcomed the month of May with the launch of our Sonetto Collection – a declaration of “Made in Italy” representing the world of Italian tradition, culture and craftmanship. Today, we continue the celebration of this milestone by appreciating our ongoing commitment to constantly evolving while drawing inspiration from the past. For 35 years, Sonus faber has been a name synonymous with performance excellence, unique product details and recognizable sound – all of which comes together in our latest creation – Electra Amator III. A reimagined special edition we hope will be welcomed with the same expectation and emotion experienced through designing it.

The new 2-way loudspeaker is a gem of Italian expertise and craftsmanship: a small but precious speaker that inherits the characteristics of Electa Amator (1987) and Electa Amator II (1997), two of our models that contributed most to the international success of our heritage brand. We identify Electa Amator III as the last step in the evolution of our tradition, a process that first began in 2017 with the introductions of our Homage Tradition Collection followed by our flagship Aida and continued into 2018 with the Sonetto collection and Gravis subwoofer.


Electa Amator III is the achievement of a 30-year journey. The third generation of an iconic product generated by an expression of natural evolution, withholding the elements that make us unique: precious materials, high craftsmanship and natural sound. The cabinet harmoniously combines; solid walnut wood that becomes an integral body with the Carrara marble base, through a brass insert that illuminates the lines and enhances each material. The combination is a recurring characteristic of Sonus faber creations derived from our designers' will to allow the most heterogeneous mechanical behavior possible from each product, for the benefit of thenaturalness of the sound.

Hand-applied leather envelopes the rear panel and front baffle which houses the Voice of Sonus faber while dedicated black anodized aluminum columns, filled with damping material and mounted on a.  Carrara marble base, provide loudspeaker support. Aluminum and marble are separated by a thin brass sheet, consistent with the speaker cabinet.


• A 28mm tweeter featuring the DAD TM – Damped Apex Dome TM technology (the tripod recalls the peculiarity of its predecessor);
• “Paracross topologyTM” crossover design with Clarify Cap ESA capacitors, for a sweeter sound that remember the voice the 90ies models;
• A 6.5 inches mid-woofer specifically developed for this special project. RETAIL PRICE

The MSRP for the pair of loudspeakers with their stands is 10.000 € (VAT included).

Electa Amator III is a 2-way bookshelf loudspeaker system; a simple project that features main technologies and design solutions, already used for the last Sonus faber creations:

Electa Amator III is realized in one finish and will be available on market starting from November 2018 in Europe and December 2018 in Asia and North America.