Finally ,ore offoicial info and images of the all new Thrax Audio direct drive turntable... “The steady growth of Analog replay and the introduction of ever more complicated replay systems, set us on a task to pack all the performance achievable this days with a most desirable quality called user friendliness.”

Turntables are rarely set in optimal conditions of purpose built racks and vibration free supports, so we implemented a high loss low resonance integral support system in the Yatrus allowing you to use it on any furniture you have while still preventing vibrations from reaching the platter cartridge interface. 

Yatrus uses a maintenance free drive system. No need for regular speed adjustments, belt replacements and so on. It is made to run forever. By the use of direct drive motor we eliminate multiple noise sources like belt knock and vibrations, high speed motor vibration, multiple bearings and so on. The result is a stunningly quiet drive system mounted on a inert rigid body with dampened rigid coupling.


  • Unique vibration free direct drive brushless DC motor with integrated bearing for the smoothest possible motion
  • Electronically controlled hyper stable speed for extremely steady motion
  • Multilayer platter with special damping for best record interface and vibration control
  • Fully integrated all in one piece - no external boxes and controls
  • Ultra low resonance adjustable suspension system isolating the table from environment
  • Support for all common speeds 33/45/78rpm
  • All anodised aluminium con- struction with constrained layer damping


Weight: 24Kg
Dimensions: 450W x 400D x 100H mm