Our friend Joseph Ki Cheong Ming shares initial impressions and installation photos of the PMC Fenestria speakers. “Today marked a significant day in AV Designs (Malysia) Sdn Bhd with the arrival of the PMC Fenestria - a new style and design speakers that is both innovative and with creativity!”

“A three-way passive loudspeaker design featuring twin PMC ATL bass cabinets with a cut-out recess that - when coupled them together - provides a nest that houses the high and mid-frequency central module.

The initial test listening was mesmerizing and shocking from its ability to unlock the level of musical information never heard before; especially in the entirety of fundamental base to subsequent harmonics, tones and over-tones! The music is lifelike from its ability to reproduce all 3 bandwidths in a continuous manner and with such homogeneity that, on overall assessment, it gives a mental acceptance of the sound that is free from coloration from unwanted cabinet resonances and vibrations. This landed in the presentation of music with such refined, wholesome and in totality that warrant an unquestionable of aural acceptance and submission. 

There are refinements that one can expect, but more so from any fine PMC small speakers with pin-point imaging and focusing. Also, it has the ability to thumb the stature of the wrought of big monitors - doing the big crescendos all at once, producing music with such ease and yet sounds that are superbly natural!”