Momchil Damyanov‘s MS632 Single-Ended, three stage Class A tube monoblock power amplifier. Here are the designer’s comments and inform: “This extra design feature has been brought about as a responseto our commitment to our customers requests. The amplifier has been designed to sound neutral with a emphasis on component selection from leading brands, specifically placed in the circuit , to achieve a sound as closeto a live performance as possible. The circuit has been designed with zero negative feedback, offering a rarely available realism to the overall listeningexperience.

  • The power supply of the mono blocks consists of two separatecircuits using valve rectifiers.
  • The first stage is for 6C2C which works in triode mode.
  • The second one is for KT66 which is a perfect matched driverfor GM70.
  • Each monoblock consists of eight transformers, a selection of them are custom-built to achieve the level of sound quality a product of this quality demands.
  • The sound transformers are Noguchi, and they are specially made for this project.
  • All others are produced in Bulgaria, after many years of experience and testing of transformers with higher parameters.
  • The wood paneling is made of American walnut, specially combined with maple lashes.
  • All components are of the highest class and selection.

Output power is 23,6W / 4 Ohm and 8 Ohm.
Power supply : 230-235V 50-60Hz
Power input : 2×272 W
Size: 2x(346 x 466 х 546mm)
Weight: 2×48 kg