“While most manufacturers of subwoofers attempt to bend the im- mutable laws of physics with undersized enclosures and drivers, Wilson’s approach to the bottom octave is uncompromising and pure. The WATCH Dog, Thor’s Hammer, and state of the art WAMM Master Subsonic are designed to reproduce the region between 10 and 40hz without the aid of distortion-producing equalization or other Band-Aids needed for poor or compromised designs.”

“The Wilson Audio Subsonic subwoofer features the same strengths of the WAMM Master Subsonic. The Subsonic employs three dual-spi- der woofers in an enclosure tuned to reproduce the infra-sonic range below 20 Hz, and, at the same time, seamlessly and coherently mesh with any Wilson loudspeaker in the lower midbass region. Extreme transient speed is not a intuitive characteristic associated with subs.

As the fraternal twin of the WAMM Master Subsonic, the Wilson Audio Subsonic features the same subwoofer drivers and the same internal volume. The differences lie in the finish details. The metal work in the WAMM Master Subsonic features the prismatic finish that mirrors (no pun intended) the WAMM’s main array gantry. On the Wilson Audio Subsonic, the metal work is from Wilson’s standard-line metal finish process—the same level of metal finish that has adorned Wilson products throughout the model range for the past several years.

The internal bracing material is on the Wilson Audio Subsonic is the Wilson’s proprietary HDF, the same material that is found in the Thor’s Hammer brace system.

The Wilson Audio Subsonic bridges the gap between the Thor’s Hammer, a subwoofer that before the WAMM Master Subsonic had no rival in the industry, and the WAMM Master Subsonic.

as a single mono unit, or as a two-channel stereo pair. In either configuration, it offers per- formance in the 10-30hz range that is only exceeded by the WAMM Master Subsonic itself.

Dual Spider Drivers:

“Dual spider” might sound like something from a creature movie, but it describes the long- throw driver technology featured in the WAMM Master Subsonic and Thor’s Hammer, and now employed in the Wilson Audio Subsonic.

Long-throw woofers allow Wilson Audio Subsonic to achieve its 10hz response in a relatively compact enclosure. However, the longer the cone excursion, the greater its tendency to generate vectors of movement beyond the piston-like single plane, which is the theoretical
ideal. These extraneous cone vectors produce distortion. Wilson’s dual-spider driver design prevents this type of mechanical distor- tion.

The same dual-spider 12” driver used in the WAMM Master Subsonic is used for the standard Subsonic This driver solves the issue by restricting woofer excursions to a single plane of motion. The resulting distortion measurements are of the order one asso- ciates more with the finest quality amplifiers rather than with loudspeakers, and specifically subwoofers.

The cabinet itself is constructed primarily from Wilson Audio’s pro- prietary X-Material with HDF
used in the area of the cross bracing. X is an extremely dense and hard composite that achieves the seem- ingly contradictory attributes of high rigidity and high damping. Reducing cabinet resonance to irrelevancy is the sine qua non of accurate and grain-free music reproduction.

The Wilson Audio Subsonic is finished in the exclusive 7 step WilsonGlossTM paint process that gives all our loudspeakers their distinctive automotive quality luster. Aside from the five standard colors available, the customer can choose from a wide palette of upgrade colors available at a slight surcharge, or, by providing the factory with the desired paint sample, from a nearly limitless palette of custom colors.


Enclosure Type: Front Ported
Woofer: (3)12 inch inches, dual spider 10 to 100Hz.
Frequency Response: 
Nominal Impedance: 4 ohms
Sensitivity: 87 dB @ 1 watt @ 1 meter @ 100Hz
Overall Dimensions: Height: 65 1/16 inches (165.25 cm) Depth: 27 3/16 inches (69.09 cm) Width: 18 1/16 inches (45.87 cm)
Weight: 612 lbs (277.60 Kg)

U.S. MSRP: $37,500.0