Vincent Brient strikes again! I've just received the Totadac d1-direct, the latest one-box DAC (along with d-1 seven) below the d1-twelve three box flagship. And why I've couldn't keep my enthusiasm bottled and went straight to the unpacking and installing the DAC into the system? Well, the all-new Totadac d1-direct is the only one-box DAC in the Totaldac range with the direct outputs from the R2R ladders! Yes...

Vincent has managed to pull this off by new offset management and a special filtering technique and let me tell you, it's not even funny how much difference d-1 direct brings in the terms of the transparency, directness and natural sonic balance. Even after the first half hour I'm more than just affected by d-1 direct's potency!

Do stay tuned for more in-depth write up in due time.