Our friend David Chesky shares a few insights from his quest for the perfect speaker: “For me High End audio is like looking at really nice photograph of Mt Everest.  Pretty picture but nothing like sitting in the valley looking up at the mountains . Even a solo violin cannot be reproduced on a pair of dynamic speakers and sound real. The Quad 57s  are a very small pretty picture as well.”
“I am coming to the conclusion that only some type of horn  is the only thing that can approach the speed, impulse response, and dynamics of live " quiet" chamber music. Not talking about Heavy Metal Rock here. There are so many nuisances in the resolution and dynamics that just get smoothed over in high end audio speakers that we have come to accept,,, and even love.
I once heard some horns gave me the feeling  (even with slight colorations ) that there could possibly could be a real band in front of me ?
What makes music sound live ? I think its lack of any distortion and perfect impulse timing that our brains are so used to. Frequency response is useless because if I hear a kid playing piano down the block I know its real and there are no highs. Even coming through a window you know its real.....again why is this ? And why the best hi fi in the world cannot trick you ?
Perhaps some type of horn system with X talk cancelation in the future can put us in 3D real audio holograms.
But maybe in our homes we dont want live, but some scaled down version like a 30 inch TV ? And that is OK as well, but for trying to recreate virtual reality, I think a horn might be the correct approach. So the search continues.........”