“Illuminati Power Reference One (PR1) is our first commercial product. By designing this cable we wanted to deliver reference quality product that includes most of our technology and ‘know how’ while keeping great price/performance ratio. This kind of approach required us to design and order highly expensive custom cable from the US. You will not find widely available „off the shelf” wires in our products.”

“Feel free to compete this cable with any other product on the market, we strongly believe that it might impress you when it comes to smooth, musical and life like presentation.

Illuminati PR1 is made of directional multistrand solid core copper conductors with Teflon insulation and unique geometry that was designed to match the needs of all possible equipment, starting from low power consumption DAC’s up to 1kW power amplifiers.

All three conductors are tightly wounded and surrounded by cotton stripes for best possible internal vibration damping which leads to crisp but smooth and detailed presentation.

Two very high density copper braids with additional layer of aluminum foil provides uncompromised effectiveness with EMI/RFI rejection, which helps to create the “black background” of the music.

Combination of Wattgate 390 AU Evo schuko plug with IEGO 8085 IEC plug was selected as the best possible after countless hours of multiple listening tests. Both plugs due to their construction are very tightly crimped with the cable conductor with no use of solder.

We have also implemented piezoelectric crystals inside each plug to make the sound crystal clear and perfectly smooth with appropriate tonal balance.


8 AWG Multistrand solid core 5N copper conductor with Teflon insulation
Internal linen tow fiber and paper damping
Triple shielding: 2x high density copper braid + 1x Aluminum foil
Schuko plug: Wattgate 390 AU Evo black
IEC plug: IEGO 8085 black (Furukawa copper) 15A
Standard length: 2m (custom length always available)
Custom ordered conductor that was designed in Poland, manufactured in USA

Price: 2390 EUR