Melco will be debuting the new two-box N10 Hi-Res music library at The Hi-Fi Show Live 2018 plus the new MELCO Music HD App iPad control point App.

In addition to the new launches, Melco is also reaching out to show-goers to address the frustrations of poor metadata, with a series of informative demonstrations entitled Understanding and Managing Metadata & Tagging of Digital Music, presented by Paul Taylor of SongKong for Melco. This highly regarded software automatically re-tags music folders and collections by accessing additional databases and applying proprietary algorithms to ensure that metadata is made permanently accurate and more accessible for a better browsing experience. SongKong for Melco also has a huge benefit for Naim users with wav rips and offers special features to deal with migrating Naim music collections onto other platforms.

Attendees will get the opportunity to experience the benefits of Melco’s unique and uncompromising approach to digital music storage and delivery, plus key Melco representatives will be on-hand to introduce the products, answer questions and offer advice for guests considering preserving their music collections in the ultimate quality or upgrading to Melco from alternative systems.

N10 Features and Benefits

- N10 uses the same extreme low-noise high precision digital music dataflow of the existing Melco series.
- N10 is designed from the start as an audio specific device – it uses no standard IT components or PC parts.
- A new low profile mainboard uses the exact same RISC processor and architecture as
- the N1Z series ensuring very low noise with precise data management. N10 mainboard is optimised for extreme sound quality.
- Twin Ethernet ports are retained with the dedicated Ethernet Player port connecting directly to the network player without an intervening dataswitch, ensuring that packet order and timing is maintained.
- Internal storage is 3TB HDD. Easily expandable by either IT USB HDD or the Melco E100
- to maintain sound quality. Additional E300 increases capacity in steps of 3TB. USB connected DAC allows the N10 to perform as a self-contained local HiRes Digital Music player.
- Data rates up to 32bit 384kHz and Octo DSD are supported. All Gapless and with Melco Markerless DSD fully supported.
- Control of the USB-DAC player is from the new Melco App, from the front panel, or from approved third-party RF Remote handset, N10 will operate with both USB DAC and also Ethernet connected player even without connection to a data network – standalone Isolated Mode.
- CD import is easy with either Melco D100 external CD loader or IT grade Optical drive for less demanding use. Melco does not put IT grade loader inside N10 as it both compromises sound quality and also reduces reliability due to disposable nature of IT drives.
- Music backup is as easy and plugging in a USB HDD and pressing one button.
- Direct Download of Hi-Res downloads from and other vendors is supported for error-free downloading Front panel USB for convenient import from USB, direct play from USB without importing, and for connection of a USB DAC.

Alan Ainslie, General manager at Melco, said:

“Melco to date has achieved a great reputation for sound quality with machines using internal switch- mode supplies. So high quality supplies, used properly, clearly give excellent results unmatched by other solutions, especially when everything is in one chassis.

Making a small form factor chassis as in the N10 means that the power supply has to be enclosed in a separate chassis connected to the main unit by umbilical cord. In this situation extensive research led to the conclusion that in such two-box architecture a linear power supply was the ideal solution. And design detail ensures that this solution matches the performance for which Melco is justly famous.

Both the main unit and power supply have many details to ensure outstanding performance and the two box solution helps here as it allows for increased vibration isolation.

N10 does not replace any existing Melco model, but introduces an exciting alternative to the established models – no functionality is sacrificed and the new styling and compatibility with D100 and E100 allows for creation of a really high performance modular Hi-Res digital music source.”

Available from in November in UK and Europe. Price: €7500 / £6750