How many audiophiles would have been satisfied with sound in their system? Especially with a network audio system, you may know from your own experience that it’s not an easy to overcome and resolve all variation from the network circumstances.

Key features

The sNH-10G is designed for the high end network audio system. It consists of 8 x RJ-45 ports and 2 x SFP ports and support 10, 100, 1G Ethernet. And the sCLK-EX high end clock module with 10MHz master clock input can be installed optionally.


Your network audio system will be able to perform with more realistic textures, wider sound stage and explosive dynamics without losing the detail of the entire range. Pairing with the dCBL-CAT7, sPS-500 and sCLK-OCX10, the performance would be further maximized.


The standard sNH-10G : USD800
The sNH-10G with the sCLK-EX installation : USD1500
The sNH-10G with the sCLK-EX and the master clock input installation: USD1700

The price mentioned above is Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price., not including VAT, importing Taxes, shipping nor others. 

If you consider changing internal components by replacing Evox cap, 7N UPOCC stranded silver or copper, or adding eABS-200, please simply ask it to your dealer or email me back for further assistance.

And the shipment will be made from 26th, Nov smoothly, please place an order through your local dealer or our online shop.