As many of you asked me for the further details about the new Tub's Audio Flo speakers, here is the official info... "Tub's Audio will be releasing a brand new speaker in December 2018. It is called Flo. The design is different than anything we are aware of in the world. It has been painstakingly developed by the Tub's R&D team to bring the listener into the flow and keep them there."

"Flo is efficient (~97db sensitivity) and due to is clever loading technology, presents an extremely linear load to the amplifier. Just one driver is used in the design and this makes for a purity of phase and tone which the best multi driver designs cannot touch. The challenges typically presented by single driver topology have been met and matched here with sly engineering and creative experimentation.

Flo has just one driver, closely related to the wide band driver employed in the Tub's Asarlai loud speaker, adjusted for wider bandwidth. 

While the driver is of a modern build and can handle modern power, it's design and that of the Flo Enclosure means it only takes 6watts single ended to listen to demanding content at high levels. With Flo you can have your harmonic purity and your bass eggs properly laid. 2a3 & 45 people, yes you can. 

Tub's Audio TB7F Driver Ingredients: Tub's 755 pulp mix formed, unpressed, on the original Altec 755a moulds and hand mounted in house on their own oversized Motor which utilises a copper clad pole piece & modern linear suspension, among other things.

Flo Loud Speaker Price/ pair: 9k USD