Ars Antiqua Audio high-end galore!

Photos of the weekend's event at Ars Antiqua Audio with four systems, that incorporated quite a few top tier high-end products...

Set 1:

Amplifier: darTZeel LHC-208
Turntable: Lucxar Zeitlos
Rack: Ariamateria
Cd & DAC: Aqua La Diva CD - Dac La Voce
Speakers: Falcon Bravo model Super Ki
Cables: Element 47

Set 2:

Streamer: Lumin D2
Amplifier: Atoll 100
Cd & DAC: Rockna Wavedream Net and Wavedream Dac. 
Speakers: Falcon Bravo Riksi
Cables: Element 47 

Set 3:

Amplifier: Kondo Ongaku
Preamp: Kondo G70
Phono: Kondo G1
R2R : Nagra
CD: Kalista Dreamplay Cd
Turntable: Viger Indian Signature
Music server: Diesis Audio Neptune
Speakers: Diesis Roma Triode.
Dac: Aqua La Scala
Rack: Ariamateria.

Set 4:

Streamer: Lumin U1 mini and A1
Phono: DS Audio DS-Master 1 
Cartridge: DS-W2
Amplifier: Viva Audio
CD: Metronome CD8S T
Speakers: hORNS Universum 3 mkII
Turntable: Lucxar Mobalik