New Technics SP10R Crimson African Padauk Plinth by Artisan Fidelity

Latest analog beauty from the Artisan Fidelity laboratory. The panzerholtz plinth and vibrant, reddish  African Padauk veneer finish.  


- Tonearm compatibility - Accommodates 9”-12” effective length tonearms. Single and dual tonearm plinth layout available.
- Design - Constrained Layer Damped, Panzerholz Composite Resin impregnated, Tone wood and Aircraft Aluminum based core with active “Quiet Core” bearing drain module.
- Dimensions - W 57 x D 51 x H 17cm
- Weight Range - ~ 70lbs. - ~ 88lbs. net / 90lbs. - ~ 108lbs. with instrument.