"Compact speaker performance has never been this high! With our exclusive CopperMatrix™ wire, new Bi-Port™ technology, refinements to our Balanced-Phase™ crossover circuit, and with our XTC™ crossover technology, Eos HX lets the performers walk right into your room." 

With Eos' tweeter in its own module, away from the woofer's cone and the main enclosure, we reduced all its reflections coming off of those surfaces. Eos' tweeter also moves back and forth to attain perfect 'focus' to where you live, whether that's sitting high or low, near or far, or even when standing (quite special for a dinner party, as your stereo can then play at a whisper with far more influence on the mood).

To reduce the voice-range reflections from the woofer off Eos' main enclosure, three years of experiment led to an asymmetric and minimalist shape. Just enough surface remains around the woofer to perfectly support its mid-bass output— with your floor and nearest walls supporting its lowest-bass output (as happens with all speakers).

Specialized soundfield mathematics had also revealed how the shape of the enclosure reflects the reflections coming off nearby room surfaces. From the lower-voice range down into the middle-bass, this reflective cycle eventually makes those tones too loud, too 'warm'. The undulating curves of Eos break this reflective cycle, producing a very natural and 'un-boxy' sound. These curves also diffuse upper-voice range reflections, for a very 'wide-open' sound everywhere in the room.

A small speaker is often placed near other objects and the walls of smaller rooms. Certain reflections off those surfaces are annoying; others alter the tone balance. The irritating ones are in the high-voice range and treble. Therefore, a tweeter cannot be allowed to radiate to its left or right, but be made to cut off sharply to its sides.


- Compact design and adjustable tweeter position allow many placement options to achieve the best sound in your listening environment.
- Wide dynamic range means you can play even the most involving performances both loudly and softly.
- Solid Q-Stone™ cabinet has been shaped for maximum dispersion.
- New Bi-Port™ technology delivers hard-hitting bass response at any loudness.
- Balanced-Phase™ first-order crossover allows the cleanest possible time-coherent sound.
- Exclusive CopperMatrix™ wiring provides an incredibly low noise floor for maximum dynamic contrasts.
- Our evolutionary XTC™ crossover technology is explained in the Eos HX Design link above. It has raised the bar for what compact speakers can produce, in musicality, delicacy, drama. No one has ever heard a speaker this emotionally complex. Many HX Owners have called saying how their wife is in tears, their girlfriend is crying.
- Includes our Happy Ears for Life™ warranty.

Technical details

Woofer 6" (17cm) single-pressed cellulose/carbon fiber/acrylic cone with ultra-linear suspension, vented under-hung 2-layer 25mm voice coil wound on Kapton former. Mechanically damped chassis, epoxy reinforced. Self shielding, radially-magnetized neodymium-iron-boron magnet structure with black, heat-dissipating coating; 8mm peak to peak linear excursion; 9.85g moving mass.


4th-order Butterworth ported; nearly zero box loss. 
Airtight Q-StoneTM. 

Bass ports

Twin 40mm aerodynamic ports tuned to 54Hz. The Bi-PortTM intake is located to most efficiently transmit bass pressures from inside the enclosure.


27mm impregnated fabric dome with high-compliance thin polymer suspension, neodymium ring magnet, and large rear chamber. Ferrofluid-cooled aluminum voice coil with highly- flexible braided-silver lead-in wires. 0.31g moving mass. 1mm peak-peak excursion. Surrounded by wool felt to prevent reflections and diffraction, and control dispersion.


At 3kHz, our Balanced-PhaseTM 1st-order circuit with XTCTM design, treated by Audio Magic's Nanostream process. Marigo Audio Matrix wireTM having 500+ OFC strands separately-insulated with organic fiber insulation. Marigo FusionTM solder. SolenTM Litz-wire inductor for woofer circuit. SonicapTM capacitors. Very low Tc non-inductive resistors. Machined pure copper low-mass binding posts directly plated with gold. Anti-resonance shaped plywood circuit board.