GT-Sound GSU-UH1 ultra super tweeter

The condensed blurb of this interesting super tweeter... “The high bandwidth does not get corrected by the super-tweeter. The instruments’ harmonic overtones will improve dramatically, as the sense of the airiness and the high frequencies will become smooth and natural. Also the mid to low frequencies reproduction capability will bdramatically improve. Its like an secret recipe for thee music.”


- High purity (99.99%) super-light aluminum vibration board of 6μm in thickness reproduces sound linearly up to 100kHz.
- Large-scale alnico magnet ensures high pitched sound pressure (100dB) and high linearity reproduction.
- With newly developed supersonic wave welding process, there is no disconnection trouble.
- The matched transformer adopts the perm alloy core with the high purity silver foil on the second side. This translates to a high bandwidth, low loss and delicate and transparent sound. 
- The aluminum and a monocoque construction Desls with unnecessary chassis’s vibrations. 
- Two ream vibration board and hyperbaric special resin equalizer ensures the extension of the sound is improved by high energy.
- With a high-pass filer (20KHz) and carefully chosen element (18dB / oct) it can be easily connected to any speakers. 


Form: Ribbon type
The maximum input: 100W
Effect bandwidth: 20kHz-100kHz
Ratings impedance: 6Ω
Output sound pressure level: 100dB/W/m
Protect fuse:1A
Built-in high-pass filter: 20KHz(18dB/oct)
Externals size: 218×134×228mm(W×H×D)
Mass: 16kg

It is possible to connect GSU-UH 1 to any speaker systems.