Lucxar setup at Ars Antiqua Audio

High-resolution photo set of the Lucxar setup at the Art Antiqua Audio with Lucxar Zeitlos turntable (SME 12 "312S tonearm) fronted by DS Audio-W2 optical system (phono and cartridge) and Lucxar Selkie loudspeakers driven by Dartzeel LHC 208 amplifier. All interlinked with Cardas cables.

Zeitlos Turntable specifications

• Built and conceived with the most modern design and production techniques. The parts are manufactured by various robotic machining processes, but both the assembly and its final adjustment are carried out and are supervised by experts.
• Structure in acrylic sandwich and solid aluminum 50mm thick.
• Margins of tolerance are minimal, giving the dishes an extraordinary efficiency.
• Different finishes such as nickel or gold shine.
• Large 60 mm thick aluminum plate.
• Magnetic levitation.
• Clamp with spirit level, cleaning arm and adjustable height tips.
• Possibility of adapting different brands of arms and measurements.
• Brushless high torque DC motor, 33 1 / 3rpm and 45rpm switchable, with intelligent speed tracking circuit.
Height: 23 cm, width: 42 cm, depth: 45 cm.
Approximate weight: 22kg.

Selkie speakers technical specifications

• 3.5-way, ventilated floor boxes, front bass reflex port for easy placement.
• Innovative structure, created and designed by Lucxar, with a special and unique curvature that avoids parallel and stationary waves, facilitating the flow of these and contributing to increase structural rigidity.
• Tweeter camera and independent media.
• Finished in black piano (possibility of other colors). Highly resistant walls, with thicknesses ranging from 5 cm to 20 cm.
Decorative elements in steel and aluminum nickel shine.
Frontal in chestnut wood of 4cm.
Side plates in beech wood.
• Scan Speak series revelator controllers and high quality frequency filter components (Jantzen and Mundorf).

• Specifications:

Nominal impedance: 4ohm
Sensitivity: 89db / 2.8W / 1m.
Crossing: 900hz-3500hz.
• Steel decoupling tips of 6 cm height adjustable in height.

• Dimensions:

Height: 125cm
Width: 35cm.
Depth: 60cm.
Approximate weight: 90kg each column.