Mola Mola Tambaqui DAC

Many of you might not know about the Mola Mola Tambaqui discrete DAC designed by Bruno Putzeys and Bart Van Lamm...

“Mola-Mola’s Tambaqui DAC is the perfect upgrade for owners of complete high end systems who want to retain the characteristic sound of their existing preamplifier whilst lifting their digital sources to another level. "Digital That's As Good As Analogue." Thanks to the addition of lossless digital volume control, it is also the ideal cornerstone of a minimalist audio system for music lovers who have moved on to digital but crave the full performance of the analogue original. This DAC, combined with a pair of Mola-Mola Kaluga monoblocks constitutes the finest digital replay chain available, irrespective of price.”


PWM DAC with 32-stage discrete analogue FIR output stage. Avoids “sigma delta” tones and “R2R” glitch and low-level linearity errors.
Asynchronous upsampling to 3.125MHz/32 bit.
7-th order noise shaper clearing 80kHz band.
Each input rate has an optimized upsampling filter chain.


Full-Scale Output Level: 20dBu.
Signal to Noise Ratio: 130dB.
THD, IMD: not measurable (estimated -140dB).
Bandwidth: Up to 80kHz (apodising response).
Integrated jitter: <1ps 10hz="" 1khz="" from="" fs="" i="" upwards.="" upwards="">
Jitter rejection: >80dB at 1Hz after 20 seconds of loc.