Nano-Audio Technology Single Ended 6A3/6C4c Amplifier

Welcome to the new wave of audio design. Nano-Audio Technology from Austrial builds Bespoke Single Ended Amplifiers using Amorphous, Permalloy or Teramoto Finement Nanocrystalline - Hitachi Metals output transformers (customer choice). The 6A3 uses a Loftin White inspired design.

- A 6SF5 DC coupled ( no capacitor ) input tube wired directly to the 6A3 output tube with a single piece of Neotech OCC copper wire. 
- A GZ32 rectifier with low voltage drop, soft start to prolong tube life .
- This design exhibits astounding clarity and very low distortion.
- Lush midrange , excellent bass and very extended high frequencies.
- 5mm  Alloy top and bottom plates supported between Russian Birch Plywood  ( hand rubbed shellac ) acting as a vibration proof platform.
- EU made ,custom wound ,low noise Toroidal Power transformers 

Amorphous ,Nanocrystalline or Permalloy 

Metglas  ( Amorphous) and Finement ( Nanocrystalline) are both Hatchi Metal Products. 日立金属はMetrosアモルファスとNanocrystalline Fimementを呼び出します。. These Metals have superior performance over Orient Cut Core Steel and M6 Grain Orientated Steel in the reproduction of crystal clear audio. Metglas is very revealing, a true audiophile product. Permalloy is very revealing like Metglas but exhibits a natural warmth and tone that is very enticing.

Finement is the ultimate in clarity with a musicality that will have you hooked on your first listen. No other component has more influence on an amplifiers sound quality than the output transformer, it is at the heart of any tube amplifiers design.