New HSE Audio Reference Phono Preamp 7

This is more than just interesting... HSE Audio from Switzerland was founded 30 years ago Zurich in 1987 by Robert Huber who has more than three decades working as the development R & D project leader and engineer at Studer. The all-new HSE Audio Reference Phono Preamp 7 ($77.000) continues the success story of the legendary HSE EQ-1 Studio Equalizer...

"The HSE Reference Phono Preamp 7 represents the pinnacle of Audio Engineering here shown on its anti- vibration support stand. Twelve HSE discrete Class A Gain-stage and two Zero ohm Class A ultra-low noise Head amps guarantee best possible audio performance."

For uncompromising EMC shielding, the case of the Preamp 7 is milled from a solid aluminium block, protecting the electronics with a 20mm strong housing.

Engineered for a life expectancy of at least 30 years, only the highest quality handmade Swiss components are utilised.

Gold plated dials allow the adjustments of the Dual Mono Preamp for each channel individually.

Each device passes a 1 week continuous hardening and maturing test to reach the finest sound quality.

All electronic components are hand selected and matched up to 0.2% maximum variance.

To reach the ultimate uncompromising sound, only the industries best components, from ELMA, Goldpoint, NKK, Panasonic, WIMA, Neutrik, Schurter, and HSE in-house wound coils are being used.

The Audio signal passes our proprietary HSE silver-teflon wiring and the oversized torrodial transformer featuring static and magnetic shielding. The Impedance selector is optimized for the industry leading Benz, Lyra, XYZ, Ortophon pickups. The unique extensive gain range of the Preamp7 equally supports all alternative pickups of choice, no matter how minimal their output levels.

Technical data

- INPUTS: 3 * balanced
- OUTPUT: 1 * balanced (24dBu)
- GAIN: 0.. 82 dB, 1kHz (37 position)
- Impedance: 7.5..1k2 ohm & 47kohm (24 position)
- Capacity: 33pF.. 680pF (12 position)
- Noise EIN: -144 dB BW 22Hz-22kHz (49.8 nV)
- RIAA: Passive balanced +- 0.05 dB 
- THD: Not measurable
- Freq. response:  1.5 Hz .. 150 kHz
- Crosstalk: >120dB
- Headroom: >24dB
- Subsonic: Passive balanced 15 Hz, 18dB/oct
- Functions: MUTE, Phase, Overload Ind. Ground lift
- Architecture: Fully balanced Class A, discrete, high voltage, Dual Mono 
- Case: Aluminium milled
- Power:  20mm, champagne, silver, black 115/230V 65 Watt
- Weight: Ca. 14 kg with Vibfree support
- Dimension: 446 * 88 * 410 mm