New SRA Statement Electronics

Stefano Rumori's SRA brand new power amplifier, phono stage and line stage cost no object are the culmination more than 7 years of development. Here are the first prototype photos and preliminary info...

"Monoblocks are 4 chassis design 350W class A for a total of 425W/8ohm 850W/4ohm 1700W/2ohm for a peak power of roughly 2.2KW. It’s all discrete design fully balanced throughout. Units weight about 200Kg per channel. Price point introductory $180K.

Preamplifier is a 3 chassis battery/transformer powered. The input source is user selectable. It has automatic battery management and indicators. Both line and phon are fully balance throughout. The phono section is extremely unique, no global feedback used accuracy 10hz-60KHz within 0.05dB ho to 100kHz within 0.1dB.

The 64dB gain us fixed with selectable input load. It is a Formula 1 design, that doesn’t accommodate for many options but it has racing performance. The line stage has 12dB gain with discrete 0.5dB step attenuator. The preamp has extremely low noise an slow distortion. Both phono and preamp have barely any feedback. Weight of the units - 150Kg for the three chassis.

Introductory price $95K.

All electronics uses military grade Teflon PCBs. You can spot top line v-cap Teflon-copper film capacitors, metal foil resistors, Furutech connectors etc."

More info to follow...