Sennheiser HD820 and HDV820 review is coming

In 2009, Sennheiser launched the legendary HD800 full-size can that was a milestone in the headphone world. The HD800 quickly became one of headphone lovers’ favorites with its soundstage and presentation style. 

Quite a while, HD800 wasn’t replaced by a new flagship headphone. Eventually, Sennheiser decided to renew the HD800’s design considering customer demands and the need of having a competitive positioning in the market again. The result was the HD800S which provides a more musical presentation than its predecessor.

A while ago, the German brand settled on creating a new headphone which can be considered as an upgrade over the HD800S. On this wise, the new HD820 has recently introduced in the market. According to our initial listening, the HD820 seems to maintain more low-frequency quantity and offer a more transparent midrange as well as a warmer sound compared to the HD800S.

Sennheiser has also re-tuned the HDV800 amplifier and entitled it as the HDV820. The new amplifier provides a Pentaconn socket as well as other popular inputs including a socket for the balanced connection. According to the manufacturer, the HDV820 has an upgraded DAC part and it is capable of playing DSD256 files up to 12,3 MHz.

Stay tuned for the combo review! 

Ates Berberoglu

The HD820 Specifications: 

-Impedance: 300 Ohm
-Weight: 360 g without cable 
-Transducer: Dynamic, closed back 

Price: $2.399,95

The HDV820 Specifications: 

-Dimensions: 224 x 44 x 306 mm
-Weight: 2,25 Kg
-Headphone Outputs: 6,3 mm, XLR4, Pentaconn

Price: $2.399,95