The wall of sound

Wilson Ng has been dreaming of a wall of sound since 1973... “At that time I  bought 2 big flat speakers with over 10 drivers on each panel to get the feel of it. Then  changing speakers one after another, each time hoping to get a bigger and better wall of sound. Finally, I got the Genesis One about 30 years ago. Then I bought JBL 4350 as a stand-in because G1's ribbons have to be serviced. But got hooked up with horns loaded JBL.”

“I started thinking how to combine JBL with G1 to get a bigger and better sound field. My first attempt in November 2018 is using G1 bass with those of JBL. Atfter having found it's successful, I started thinking to combine the mid/hi with those of JBL as a second attempt in December 2018. Luckily, It's a seamless integration so to say. My next endeavour will be to hook up the Altec 15 cells horn on top of JBL as seen below with another driver, the 375. Hopefully to secure a better WALL OF SOUND in January 2019. So in 3 months, I should have managed to upgrade 3 times to get a better wall of sound. Wish me luck, Guys. Thank you.”