Acoustic Dream AG1 Prestige power conditIoner

Acoustic Dream AG1 Prestige power conditioner. Solid aluminum vibration damped chassis, current paths with Ag contact relays, Furutech NCF schuko sockets...

“The electricity filtration is based on PAD3 filter. PCB boards are covered with many layers of insulation. The paths are made of copper and covered with 24-carat gold. The cable bridges are made of pure copper 99,997%. The coil cores are constructed in nanotechnology. The frequency filtration is from 500 MHz to 6 GHz. The filter is divided into four sections, placed in separate chambers, separated from each other by thick walls.”

The scope of the PAD3 filter:

Filtered frequency range: <100khz 400="" db="" dc4="" do="" i="" mhz="" mohm="">
Max current: 35A/70oC;
Ut /50Hz/5mA/2sec. - 1500 VAC;
UR/50Hz/ - 250VAC;
Filters capacity: 88000uF/IR/100Hz – 6,0A;
Overvoltage protection up to 40kA
Conductors: Cu, Ag, Rh.