Black Cat Lupo III / Silverwolf review is coming

Black Cat Lupo III / Silverwolf cables just arrived for test. There will be something special connected with this review, but you'll lear about it very soon. Chris Sommovigo writes: "For a long time customers and dealers were asking me for a Lupo design that would also be available for balanced/XLR operation. Lupo III / Silverwolf is the answer to those requests. This is a dual-shield design, by the way. The two shields are coaxial to each other, and separated by an insulating layer. At the center of the interconnect is a thin-walled teflon tube with air inside. Two conductors, a 21 wag 99.999% pure silver solid core conductor and an enameled 21awg pure copper conductor, are Nami-processed and then run by hand into the teflon/air tube."

"Nami is the Japanese word for “wave” - and when I Nami-process the conductors it means that they are being shaped or formed into a wave-pattern (like a sinusoidal shape) so that only the peaks of the wave-pattern in the conductor touch the tube walls. The rest of the conductor is suspended in air, so the Lupo III achieves fairly low capacitance and keeps a high velocity.

The conductors in this RCA cable are terminated to my Lovecraft Reference RCA, which has a direct-gold plated pure copper signal pin. The pin is hollow and also has a set-screw, so when the cable is terminated the conductors are cinched down against the inside of the signal pin by the set-screw, and then solder is flowed into that joint area. This absolutely ensures that the signal wires have intimate -almost crimped- contact with the pin before solder is flowed into the joint.

I use resistance soldering tweezers to make the joint so that the pin is superheated quickly and solder flows freely and quickly into all crevices, ensuring a perfect bond."

Lupo III / Silverwolf RCA cables @ 1.0mpr? $999.95 retail ...