ERC Recreates Iconic Klemperer Beethoven Symphony Cycle Box

ERC have commenced the remastering of the complete Beethoven Symphonies and Overtures with the Philharmonia Orchestra conducted by Otto Klemperer. These legendary performances are being cut from the original master tapes in stereo over 13 discs on our Lyrec / Ortofon all valve vintage cutting system. For the first time all the Overtures will be included in the set; some of these have never been released in stereo.

The box for this release is currently being hand made and wrapped in the finest materials of silk and cotton. The accompanying book will be fully letter pressed from metal type with all images being printed from half tone plates on the most luxurious paper available. Each edition of 99 copies will be priced at £2950.00. 

We anticipate shipping this important record to ERC customers in May 2019.