High-end audio?

An interesting observation by David Chesky... “High-End audio? We have such a ways to go. After my new orchestral work performance last night in the Warsaw Philharmonic hall, which was one of the best halls I have ever worked in (in fact better than anything I have heard in the USA ), I am convinced we are still in the caveman age of reproducing this sound in the home. When you sit in font of a great orchestra there is no distortion from the speakers, amps etc. There is such a level of purity. No blurring of the transients. No speaker can capture the micro dynamics of real music yet. So when I get back to New York I have a lot of thinking to do...”

“Maybe some type of horn surround system can give you a little of this ? Hi End Audio is fun, but nothing like real.... yet ? whats the next step to get there ????”