Hypostatic® Indigenum loudspeakers

Jari Ollonberg: “Some ten years ago I came across an article dealing with the problem of a magnetostatic planar speaker being too directive due to the wavelength being shorter than the width of the diaphragm.

An idea hit me: could the diaphragm be curved to avoid the problem? I started solving the problem by building my first prototype. When I got to listen to the sound of the first prototype, I started to understand the enthusiasts of the High End Audio. The sound of the prototype was extremely precise and natural. What I heard was great! I had designed something new. Now I couldn’t stop the product development. Solving the problems of making the curved diaphragm driver and finding the right materials took thousands of hours over the following ten years. I started as an entrepreneur in 2018. The first model of Hypostatic® loudspeakers, Indigenum, was born around the CMD driver and it is now available on the market.”

Curved Magnetostatic Dipole

We designed our own CMD driver which produces the Mid/Hi frequencies. The ultra light diaphragm’s moving mass is only 1.63g and is capable of producing every little detail in the audio signal. The diaphragm is curved to avoid excess directivity at high frequencies. The horizontal dispersion is 60°. The driver is made of polished stainless steel. It has three rows of super strong neodymium magnets which are assembled to a nickel plated pole piece.

Hybrid Design

Indigenum is a two way passive speaker. Its hybrid construction brings together a beautiful monopole woofer unit with an outstanding CMD driver.

Woofer Unit

The woofer unit is made of one-piece composite stone. The construction is extremely stiff and all harmful resonances are eliminated. The unit is painted and then lacquered. The final lacquer layer is sanded and polished by hand to get a high gloss surface. Available in all colours. The 11″ Scanspeak Revelator woofer is tuned with passive radiator. To maximize sound quality Indigenums have IsoAcoustics® GAIA™ speaker isolators.


- Drivers: CMD (50mm x 800mm) 
- 11″ Scanspeak woofer with passive radiator 
- Impedance: 4 Ohm
- Crossover point: 500 Hz 
- Sensitivity: 89 dB/2.83V/1m 
- Weight: 55 kg/pc 
- Terminals: WBT Signature 
- Dimensions WxHxD: 37cm x 130cm x 60cm 
- Price 27800€ / pair