LUMIN T2 Audiophile player!

Recently I've reviewed the LUMIN X-1 Audiophile player and really like it. Now the company has just released the all-new,  more affordable T2 model that is priced around 4500 USD (EU pric 4500EUR). As it looks, the T2 will also be coming in for a review, so stay tuned. It will be interesting to evaluate how it performs compared to the X-1. Here are a bit more insights... 

LUMIN T2 – The performance sweet spot

The T2 is the latest all-in-one audiophile network player from LUMIN. As the successor of the T1 and A1, the T2 carries the same elegant design with an all new engineered chassis with integrated power supply. The T2 inherits a lot of technical advancements and features from the latest flagship X1 and it has been designed to hit the sweet spots of both price and performance.

Dual ESS9028 DAC module

Nothing is spared with the design of the heart of T2. Designed with the same philosophy as the X1, the T2 features dual DAC chip operating in mono-mode for the best possible channel separation and audio performance. Toping a -120db harmonic distortion and a whopping 129db dynamic range, combined with the state-of-the-art analogue output circuit, it has all the power it needs to bring out the finest details and emotions of your music.

LUMIN designed ultra-low noise universal power supply

The new LUMIN T2 incorporates an all new internal universal power supply. The isolated and dual stage power supply is designed to isolate the unit from the mains and supply the purist power for music reproduction.

High definition music from anywhere, and anytime.

The T2 supports a wide range of sources, from network drive, USB storage, to a wide range of network streaming services, including Spotify Connect, Tune-In radio, Tidal, Qobuz and Airplay. With the support of the latest file formats like MQA, DSD512 and PCM files up to 384khz, one can dig deep into your beloved music without any boundaries. 

Support for native DSD USB audio output

Not only does the T2 support the usual SPDIF ( up to PCM24bit/192kHz, DoP64 DSD2.8Mhz )  digital output, it also features a brand new system architecture which enables USB audio output up to 32bit/384kHz and native DSD512 (22.5Mhz ). Which makes the T2 one of the most versatile, full-feature audio network player in the market.