Metaxas Marquis headphone amplifier review is coming

If you see a devastating and aesthetic audio gear, you probably face one of the most impressive designers in the audiophile world. Kostas Metaxas, the founder of Metaxas & Sins established in 1981, is an award wining artist and the master behind the audio gears of the Dutch manufacturer. 

Kostas Metaxas is using the ‘’be there’’ motto and considers all his and sons’ work as objects of art. According to the website, all objects manufactured are totally handcrafted by Kostas Metaxas and his sons.

Metaxas and Sins offer Ikarus integrated amplifier, Opus mastering preamplifier, Solitaire power amplifier, Soliloquy monoblocks, Macrophone speakers, GQT tape recorder, phonographic perambulator, and the ‘’Head’’ Marquis headphone amplifier. 

The Marquis, also known as Memento Mori (it means ‘’You must die’’ in Latin.), is a solid-state, CNC-machined ‘’skull’’ amplifier and utilizes an ultra short signal path (no-wire design) according to the Metaxas and Sins. The Marquis has two set of RCA inputs and offers 6,3 mm single ended headphone output. In addition, it can be used as a preamplifier with a set of RCA output. 

Pursuant to our initial listening, the Marquis maintains sufficient power to drive hungry headphones. It sounds smooth and very coherent. The instrument separation and resolution seems impressive and the background is quite clean. 

Stay tuned for the full review!


- Voltage Output: 15VRMS per channel 
- Slew Rate : Greater than 1000V/us small and large signal
T.H.D. : Less than 0.05% 20Hz-20KHz 
- Sensitivity: 26dB
Input Impedance: 100kOhms 
- Weight: 4 Kgs approx.

Price: € 6000

Note: Special Thanks to Extreme Audio Turkey for loaning the Marquis.