Murasakino MC Transformer “Nobala” review is coming

The package with another exciting analog product has just arrived from Japan. A striking two-color Murasakino NOBALA MC transformer! "NOBALA uses a three-layer metal plate to protect the transformer. The transformer is covered with an aluminum plate. Its outside is covered with a 2-mm-thick pure copper plate, and it is further enclosed in a machined aluminum case. CARDAS terminals are used for the input/output terminals through which the weak signals pass. The main body of the transformer and the earth terminal are made in Japan. In addition to the chassis, all processes, including machining and assembling, for NOBALA are conducted in Japan."

Stay tuned for the review in due time. As always, here is the initial photo set..

Technical Data

- Frequency Response : 10~70,000Hz
- Boost Ratio: 26db
- Internal Impedance: 5Ω or less
- (cartridge impedance)
- Dimensions: 166mm(W)×95mm(H)×155mm(D)
- Weight: about 2.6kg