New Audio Feast AFT model 7 field coil driver

AFT, Audio Feast / Termoto model 7 (US$7,660 pair) is the company's first full range field coil driver. These drivers are specially hand crafted to their specification by Mr.Teramoto. Audio Feast is the exclusive wold wide distributor for AFT model 7. Mr. Teramoto is the man behind the Feastrex. He is the one and only master craftsman. The picture below is a spy photo of his first prototype. The finished product may have slightly different look. It uses pure iron magnetic circuit, stainless steel frame and hand crafted washi papers. Main diaphragm, whizzer cone, damper and diaphragm edge are made from washi. Specially selected copper wires are used for both voice coil and field coil. 

The outer frame diameter is 199 mm (7.8"). The moving assembly is very light and weighs almost same as typical 5" washi drivers. The washi damper and diaphragm edge are very soft.

"I visited Mr.Teramoto's skunk-works (Myoko Japan) during Thanksgiving week. We played around with all FINEMET field coil power supply and cabinet configuration. The optimum field coil voltage is around 6.5Vdc. Open baffle configuration with monster sized FINEMET chokes with film capacitors were our choice. 

How do they sound? They are fast! open, detail and have great three dimensional sound stage. They also have wide service area, and it gives large sweet spot in the listening room. High frequency is smoothly extended, and there is no needs for tweeters.  With small open baffle, upright bass is very clean. If I want to play rock or techno, I might need to make some changes on baffle setup.  I think these drivers are easy to set up sounding good!"