New Klinger Favre Audio D66 speakers

"For you, who could never choose between the energy of live concert, the pleasure of domestic comfortable sound and the true analytic power of professional monitoring speakers, here is the solution: D66 have it all! D66 KF boomer includes our latest innovations in terms of boomer drive motor, membrane treatment and coaxial KF Ultra Tweeter."

"Our first order filter is made of the very best european components (including KF-made self with unsurpassed electronic performances) prevents any dragging effect and enables you to get the full potential of your amplifier."


- W 29cm x H 49cm x D 40 cm
- Weight per speaker 22kg (24kg on the Floating Board)
- Admissible power 60W
- Sensitivity 90dB/2,8v/1m
- Impedance 8 Ohms
- 17cm KF carbon membrane boomer + coaxial KF Ultra Tweeter
- 28 mm soft dome tweeter
- Bi-wiring option
- Bass Reflex system, vent on the back of the enclosure
- Stark and heavy enclosure 25mm thick
- Anti-vibration Floating Board system
- Satin Black enclosure Finish
- Removable front panel: bright or dark natural wood finish (satin ecological wax)