New Metaxas & Sins boutique in Athens

Most as Metaxas writes: “Melbourne audiophiles might remember my move to Greville Street [with a base in Macquarie St], Prahran, in the mid 1990's, where my very talented brother [the architect ] and I converted a factory into a modern workshop/listening space...Behind the old factory was a carpark with a narrow passageway to the famous and the very vibrant Chapel Street. One of the first shops encountered was a Greek Patisserie, (in)appropriately named “The Parthenon”, the first Greek patisserie in Melbourne, which was owned by Jimmy Rigogiannis' parents. I visited the Patisserie regularly. Who was to know that many years later Jimmy would move abroad and become deeply involved in high end audio at the most cutting-edge level?”

“Jimmy has been a representative of some of the world’s most prestigious high-end audio brands including MBL, Vitus, Transrotor, Siltech, McIntosh Laboratory and Sonus Faber in different parts of the world including the Middle East and Australia.  In fact, Jimmy’s approach to high end audio was unique:  he started to develop a deep appreciation not only for the art of the music and the science behind the electronics, but also for the design of the system elements themselves and their value as stand-alone objects of art.  He began assembling systems that, of course, sounded incredible but that were also, in some way, unique and presented these in creative settings (such as art centres and concert halls).  For instance, Jimmy was the ‘audio system creative designer’ for the Abu Dhabi Classics programme run by the country’s Tourism & Culture Authority and played music of the visiting artist-composer in exotic locations (such as the Emirates Palace and Saadiyat Island) on carefully assembled audio systems...   His love for the finesse, the art and the aesthetics along with his strict requirements for authentic audiophile sound reconnected Jimmy and I after all these years…  It was only natural, then, for me to invite Jimmy to "give me a hand".  So, I'm pleased to announce that Jimmy, my 3rd “Sin”, will be working with me to introduce the Greek and Emirati audiophiles to my brand….”